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Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

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Are you looking for a portable ice fishing shelter? If so, this page, and the associated ice shelter pages may help.

I'm completely unbiased, as I don't sell anything. What I'm doing here, is simply providing you with real information so that you're happy with what you purchase.

Basically, I'm trying to promote the sport of ice fishing, resulting in the growth of ice-fishing-central.com. People out having awesome fishing days on the ice because they're warm and have the proper ice fishing gear, people catching fish, are much more apt to become avid ice anlgers.

Traffic growth will ultimately determine the success of my website. I believe that compiling useful ice fishing information and giving sound advice is the best way to assure repeat visitors and longterm traffic growth.

With that said, let's get to the business of choosing a portable ice fishing shelter...

Typical Flip-Over Type

There are both text links and graphics links included on this page. Some will take you to supporting ice-fishing-central.com pages and other will open a new window and take you to whatever retailer indicated, so that you can check pricing, availablity and see related products that they carry. I do get a small commission, but the price difference between brands makes the difference in commissions negligible.

Like I said before, your overall satisfaction with the information you get here is much more of a factor in my longterm success. Why step over a ten dollar bill to pick up a quarter? Have confidence that if you're reading a review that I've written, it is what I honestly believe, period.

What Type Fits Your Style?

Flip-Over or Flip-Up Type ...

The most popular type, with several new models hitting the market place over the past few years. They are built over an ice sled, that generally provides ample room for your ice auger, as well as the rest of your gear.

Most come with seats that mount on the inside rail of the sled. Some are padded, swivel chairs and can be quite comfortable.

They are heavier than other types because of the rigid frames, designed to hold up in high winds. The fabric can be heavy as well, especially if insulated because they are designed to minimize heat loss, providing a more comfortable environment.

Once you drill a couple of holes, you just extend the frame and flip it over and you're ready to fish. It's really that simple. I recently sold my cabin type and bought a flip-over and I absolutely love it.

For a more thorough discussion of the different types, please read my portable ice fishing shelter Buyer's Guide.

Major manufacturers in this arena include Clam Corporation, Eskimo, Frabill, Otter, Shappell and Wild Outdoors.

Here are a few sources:



Otter & Wild Outdoors

Cabin Type ...

The cabin type usually have a floor in them. They warm up nicely and most have a door on each end. Typically they are tall enough to stand up in comfortably, but my experience is that they lack the space "front to back" to fish comfortably in.

Also, the cabin type is not as easy to move around as flip-over and pop-up types, reducing your mobility. This can be an issue if you find it necessary to move around a lot to stay on the bite.

You have to supply your own seating and when seated, I was just always wishing that there was another 12-18" of room. My wife thought it was perfect, but she is much smaller than I.

They are very light weight and fold up like a clamshell. They are equipped with a rope for pulling. I would have my wife pull the shelter, while I pulled a cargo sled with the rest of our gear in it. This works well for 2 people.

Again, please read my portable ice fishing shelter Buyer's Guide for a more thorough discussion of the different portable ice fishing shelter types.

Here are some sources if you're looking for a portable ice fishing shelter.

Clam & Frabill

Pop-Up Tent or Hub Type ...

Another very popular type is the pop-up tent type. They are very affordable, light weight and set up quite easily. Some models are quite spacious, allowing room for several fishermen.

They are easy to move around, keeping you mobile as you try to stay on top of fish.

On the downside, the fabric is very thin and doesn't hold heat well. Also the frames can be a bit flimsy posing a problem in high winds. I saw one where the frame poles just snapped like toothpicks.

If you haven't already done so, please read my portable ice fishing shelter Buyer's Guide for more considerations and insight.


Clam, Frabill & HT Ent.

What Type Fits Your Budget? ...

The saying "You get what you pay for!" certainly holds true when purchasing an ice fishing shanty. What I wound up doing was buying an inexpensive cabin type, using it for a few years and then selling it and upgrading to a mid to high end flip-over type.

Money may not be a factor for some people, but it was with me. I had narrowed it down to 3 comparable models of 3 different brands, but availability ultimately made the decision for me.

I purchased a Frabill Guardian and I am completely satisfied with it. I would have preferred the Frabill Predator with the R2 Tec fabric, but I saved a fair amount of money and the Guardian weighs quite a bit less and I am very happy about that.

Just keep in mind that if you're serious about ice fishing, you should invest in a serious shelter. Take your time shopping, think about the considerations listed on my portable ice fishing shelter buyer's guide and anything else you can think of, then make a decision go for it.

Thank you for reading this!

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