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Ice Fishing Flashers

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Which Model is Best for You?

So how are you supposed to choose between the numerous ice fishing flashers available today? These devices play an important role in consistently catching more fish.

Sonar has been around for decades, and has been used for ice fishing for decades as well. But the way it's used today, with ever-improving flasher features gives ice fishermen a huge advantage.

Ingenuity and Innovation in ice fishing flashers have brought ice fishing a very long ways in recent years.

Please take a second to answer one of the following new polls. Thank you!

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Do You Use a Flasher?
Yes, a Humminbird
Yes, a Lowrance
Yes, a MarCum
Yes, a Vexilar
Yes, another make
No, I don't need a flasher
No, I'm still evaluating...


Cast a vote for your favorite flasher manufacturer.

The #1 Flasher is by?


The Top 3 Ice Fishing Flashers..

#1 - Vexilar FL-22HD Pro Pack

To check Availability at Cabela's, click here

To check Availability at The Sportsman's Guide, click here.

For more detailed information on the FL-22HD, please read my page ...Vexilar FL-22HD Pro Pack.

#2 - Humminbird ICE-55 - Check Price

I've written this page on the Humminbird ICE-55 system.

When the Humminbird Ice 55 is combined with the Humminbird 385ci(adds GPS & mapping functionality), the combo moves to the TOP of this list!

#3 - MarCum LX-5Check Price

Please refer to this page to learn about the MarCum LX-5

Do You NEED a Flasher???

Ice fishermen get very skilled at pinpointing the exact structure type they want to fish, as well as a particular slope or break of that piece of structure. Of course finding fish and seeing how they respond to your presentations and movements is another real advantage.

Drill series of holes, check for fish. Move from hole to hole until you find fish. If you don't see fish, why fish there? Move and repeat until you locate fish.

Ice fishing flashers not only show the true bottom and the presence of weeds and underwater limbs, but they show fish and fish movements in real time. You see your jig as you drop it down, and you watch the fish as it approaches. You quickly gain an understanding of the mood and aggressiveness of the fish, by watching how they react to your various presentations.

You can see fish lying just up off the bottom, or anywhere within the water column. You can see fish move in and out of the column, and see them move up to take your bait.

For these reasons, you ought to have a flasher in your sled as you head out onto the ice. If you don't have one, then it should be on your radar, er... your sonar.

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow."

Eden Phillpotts

Flasher Selection Guide Introduction...

This page is to help you choose a flasher that suits both your fishing needs and your budget. With all of the information available, and a multitude of different mfgs and models available, it can get confusing. Then throw LCD Graphs into the equation and it gets more muddled.

For now, I'll save LCD Graphs for later, and a different page(s). These pages are intended to summarize ice fishing flashers, so that if you're in the market, you have a bit more information behind you.

Having a basic understanding of flashers, how sonar works, ice transducers, what different features do for you, etc. will ultimately help you select the model that best suits your fishing style.

I wish I were in a position to personally test and review every ice fishing flasher on the market, but sadly I am not. I have, however, compiled specs of the leading models of the leading manufacturers, for comparison both against each other, and against your pocket book.

The best flasher for you is the one that best suits your fishing style. Keep in mind, that your fishing style may change after you get your first flasher, or upgrading to a high end model. Learning the features and options of each model available, and how they can help you, is time well spent. A time investment that will help you catch more fish.

Things to Consider...

As you analyze each flasher model, ask yourself: What does this model really offer?

How is the data displayed?

What can I expect from that type of display?

What type of water column zooming features does it offer?

Does this unit have automatic depth adjustment, or overlay scales with switch settings.

What is the peak to peak power rating in Watts?

What advanced features does this unit provide?

Does it come with a Dual Beam Transducer, allowing a two different cone angles?

What is the maximum depth it can read?

How about interference rejection?

Does it have a battery charge indicator?

Does it come with a soft pack, or can I add one later?

How much extra will that cost me?

What kind of warranty is it covered under?

How much can I reasonably expect to pay for this unit?

Portable Sonars & Flashers

Humminbird Ice Fishing Flashers...

Humminbird is a division of Johnson Outdoors and makes a multitude of marine electronics products. They recently introduced a new line of ice fishing flashers with a fiber optic display, and LCD digital depth readout.

Check out the Humminbird Flasher lineup here ...Humminbird Flashers to compare features and prices between the Ice55, Ice45 & Ice35.

MarCum Technologies Flashers...

MarCum Technologies, now based in Brainerd, Minnesota, has been around since 1991. Not only are they leaders in the flasher industry, but in hand-held digital sonar, underwater cameras and other outdoor products.

They offer 3 ice fishing flasher models, including the their new High-End model the LX-5 Ice System, their flagship model the LX-3TC and their entry level VX-1P. Take a good, long look at these fine flashers here...MarCum Ice Fishing Flashers to compare features and prices between the LX-5, LX-3TC & VX-1.

Vexilar Flashers...

Vexilar, an innovative company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota has been around since 1960, and has been first to introduce several products, like the LCD Graph into the sport fishing industry.

Let's have a look at ...Vexilar Flashers to compare features and pricing for Vexilar's Ultra Pack models: FL-20, FL-18, FL-12 & FL-8se.

Lowrance Ice Machines...

Lowrance X67c Ice Machine & M68c w/ Mapping GPS. This link opens a new window taking you to a video detailing a very different, flexible approach.

Thank you for reading, and good luck ice fishing!

More Ice Fishing Equipment pages...

Portable ice fishing Shelters. A discussion on types and considerations.

Gearing Up Find the ice fishing equipment you want, from select retailers.

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