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Gearing Up with Awesome Ice Fishing Equipment

Doesn't Have to Break the Bank!!!

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Do you have the proper ice fishing equipment for fishing in cold, adverse weather conditions? Some of the best fishing of the year is during the ice season.

Taking advantage of this fact requires a bit of specialized equipment and having the proper gear makes a world of difference in how successful you'll be and how much fun you'll have.

Ice Fishing Equipment Introduction...

This page provides a lot of useful information to help you make informed decisions as you gear up. It can also help you remember the essentials as well as the little things when planning ice fishing trips (forgotten little things have a way of becoming "not so little").

Maybe use it as a starting point for your own ice fishing equipment personal checklist . Create your checklist by visualizing a day on the ice. What do you need first, what next, what could happen? and so on.

Follow the links that interest you, for more detailed information.

Ice Augers...

There are several things to consider when Choosing the Ice Auger that best fits your fishing style. If you're like me and want be really mobile, you'll want a power drill, either gas or Electric.

Personally, I like leaving the Hand Augers for young whipper-snappers that like the exercise. or for those that backpack up into high mountain lakes, or other walk-in situations.

3 Major Ice Drill manufacturers are Jiffy, Eskimo and Strikemaster. Have a look at these pages for feature and specification comparison purposes.

Highly regarded as the best ice augers on the market - Jiffy

The easily recognizeable, bright red ice augers by Eskimo.

Strikemaster is another fine maker of ice augers.

Sometimes you need to purchase a new set of blades, a powerhead cover of some other ice auger Accessory.

Ice Fishing Clothes...

In addition to being aware of, and living by the rules of Ice Fishing Safety, being WARM is the next, most important thing you should ensure.

Understanding how to dress in layers that properly work together helps assure you buy the right ice fishing clothes. Base Layer, Mid Layer, Outer Layer, Footwear, Socks, Mittens & Gloves, Headwear, etc. are all important in being comfortable enough to have a great experience.

Important Ice Fishing Electronics pages...

Vexilar ice fishing Ice fishing Electronics include Sonar Flashers, LCD Graphs, Hand Held Digital Depth Finders, Underwater Cameras, Global Positioning Systems(GPS), communication devices, etc.

If you're looking for an ice fishing flasher this Buyer's Guide can help you select the flasher that suits both your fishing needs and your budget.

With major players like Humminbird, MarCum and Vexilar in the mix, all with numerous models, this buyer's guide can help sort it all out.

Support Gear...

I define support gear as items including ice fishing Chairs,Skimmers, Spud Bars, Heaters, Snow Shovel, Rod Holders, Needle Nosed Pliers, Hook Sharpener, Rod & Reel Cases, Sharp Knife, Snowshoes or X-Country Skis, Propane Heater, Lantern, Gaff for Predatory Fish, Cookstove and Fuel, among others.

Safety Items

Ice fishing safety should always be in the forefront of your mind. I have written a page discussing Ice fishing safety, minimum ice thickness and ice quality, general safety precautions, as well as personal safety items. Please take the time to read it, as I feel it is very important.

Portable Ice Fishing Shelters...

Selection of an appropriate portable ice fishing shelter is a very important decision, with numerous factors to consider. There are a variety of styles, several covering material options, various degrees of strength, window configurations, sled and seating considerations and of course quality.

Numerous choices are available from a variety of manufacturers. As with most ice fishing equipment, there are accessories available for ice fishing shelters, mainly Ice Anchoring Systems, etc.

Ice Fishing Sleds...

Size and Durability are among the things to consider when selecting an ice fishing Sled that works for YOU...

Ice sleds are available from a number of sources. Cabela's ice sleds are high quality and relatively inexpensive.

Clam Corporation is an industry leader in sleds as well as shelters.

Otter Ice Fishing sleds are another superb selection, as are the

Jet Sleds by Shappell

Ice Fishing Tackle...

A vast array of ice fishing tackle is available, including Ice Rods, Ice Reels, Tip-ups, Jack Traps, Line, Jigs, Lures, Lure/Jig Box, Flies, Plastics, Baits, Bait Pucks, Spring Bobbers, Quick Strike Rigs, Split Shot, etc.

Obviously... much more to follow... stay tuned.


Miscellaneous items to bring along include fishing licenses, fingernail clippers, extra propane, tape measure, camera, something to pull your sled with (Snowmobile, ATV, vehicle or a strong boy)

Food and Beverages - Bring along a hearty meal, and a little spirit to warm you up from the inside-out. This is also where the fishin buddy comes in handy. He (she) can be the designated driver!

A Few Final Thoughts on Ice Fishing Equipment...

Some items are absolutely necessary, others may be considered luxury items. The Pros, that spend 100 or more days per year on the ice, have these items and then some.

Your specific equipment list will depend on your upcoming adventure. Obviously equipment required for an extreme Alaskan adventure is vastly different than what you might take along to take the kids across town to catch a few panfish.

Your ice fishing equipment must be ready to go! (i.e.)Gas auger is full of fresh gas, blades are razor sharp and it starts up easily. Your flasher battery is fully charged and you have new line on your reels, etc.

Popular Ice Fishing Equipment pages...

Gearing Up Find the ice fishing equipment you want via these carefully selected affiliates.

A candid discussion on portable ice fishing shelters. Advantages, drawbacks, considerations, source links, etc.

Ice Fishing Central's Blog keeps you up to date on new revised pages at Ice Fishing Central. Subscribe here, it's free.

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