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Choosing the Right Ice Fishing Auger

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Looking for and ice fishing auger? I've compiled features & specs of Jiffy, Eskimo and Strikemaster for side by side comparison.

Deciding on an ice fishing auger is an important decision, especially for someone new to the sport, and unfamiliar with the various brands. So all you Pros and Experienced ice anglers, please help out the less experienced by simply answering these 2 quick poll questions.

It just takes a second and you'll be directed right back here. I appreciate it very much!

Thank you!

The Most Important Ice Auger Feature Is...
Easy to Start
Fast Drilling
Relatively Quiet
Durable / Long Lasting
Eco Friendly
Today's BEST Ice Augers Are Made By...
Nils Master

Note: This poll was posted on Jan 12, 2011. Keep in mind, the data will become more useful as the number of respondents grows.

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty goes along ways in my decision making process when I am researching something new. Your valuable insights can really help these folks buy their first ice auger as well as those looking to upgrade to something better.

Thank you so much, Please read on!

Are you shopping for a new ice fishing auger? Unsure of which one to buy?

Well, I'm glad you are here, as this page is designed to help you decide on both a type, as well as a Make and Model. I have outlined 4 brans names here, Eskimo, Jiffy, Strikemaster and IceGator*

* I have included IceGator because they are reputable and gaining momentum, but they only offer Drives (powerheads), that convert hand powered or gas powered augers to battery power.

What Type is Best for YOU...?

There are a lot of considerations in choosing an ice auger. The first thing is to deciding between Manual (hand), Gas or Electric Powered models.

An ice fishing auger is an essential tool that you'll likely have for a long time, so you may as well get what best suits your long-term needs. Which type is best for you? Answer these questions, to make the logical choice!

What fits your budget?

How much do you plan on using this auger?

Weight is more important to some than others. Do you pack-in your equipment, or pull it along in an ice fishing sled? Do you walk-in, pulling your sled by hand or do you ride-in while towing your sled? Or do you drive right up to your favorite honey hole?

Would you get out and enjoy ice fishing more often, if drilling holes took less energy?

What ice thickness do you typically need to drill through? Hand drilling numerous holes through 18" of clear ice takes a fair amount of energy.

How do you like to ice fish? In other words, do you drill several holes to locate fish before you actually start fishing? Do you prefer mobility to stay on top of fish?

How big of an ice hole do you want? If you're planning a Lake Trout adventure, you just may need that 10" hole.

Now Compare Brands...

After you've decided on the Type, compare features between brands and models.

NOTE: If going with a power auger, you'll need to decide between a Gas or Electric model. Both work well!

Both 2 stroke and 4 stroke gas models are available. Gas powered models start easily if properly maintained. Generally speaking, an annual servicing is adequate, if you use fresh gasoline or gas/oil mix. Battery powered models require less maintenance, but charging the battery is an ongoing requirement. No biggie, you can drill a lot of holes on a single charge. Also, you occasionally have to charge your flasher battery anyways, so do them simultaneously.

Compare Value/Price vs. Features

Compare the Warranties

Customer Satisfaction (i.e.) Reputation

Can you buy a Head Cover for this model?

What is the life expectancy of the blades, and are replacement blades readily available?

Okay, that's a lot to digest, but choosing an ice fishing auger is a decision worth putting some effort into. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, unless you're already sure of what you want.

Important Ice Fishing Auger pages...

I've compiled features and specifications for several popular brands of ice fishing augers. Each brand offers several gas powered models. I chose a high end model, a mid-range model and an economical model from each company, for comparison purposes.

These pages keep you on Ice Fishing Central, and do not open a new window.

Eskimo Gas Powered Augers - Eskimo, a division of Ardisam, Inc., in Cumberland, Wisconsin offers several popular lines of gas powered ice augers. Model specifications and features like their exclusive centering ring, and serrated Quantum blades for review.

Jiffy Gas Powered Augers - Jiffy Ice Drills, another popular brand, manufactured by Feldmann Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Inc. of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin has numerous lines of gas powered ice augers. Specs and features, including their STX cutting technology and their new EZ connector are found here.

Strikemaster Gas Powered Augers - Strikemaster, located in Big Lake, Minnesota, has been the largest manufacturer of ice fishing augers, for the past 60+ years. They're a storied franchise, offering numerous models. 3 of their gas powered lines, including their Strike Lite 4 stroke, lightweight model can be evaluated here.

Electric Powered Ice Augers are gaining in popularity in recent years. The IceGator line offers a 24 volt model capable of drilling up to 90 holes through 15" thick clear ice on a single battery charge.

Specs and features of the IceGator 8" Attacker, along with Strikemaster's 12 volt Electra Lazer 12000 DP line, and Jiffy's Lectric High Torque STX Pro (external battery source required) are here for side by side comparisons.

More Ice Fishing Central Auger pages...

Jiffy Stealth STX - Jiffy's best cutting technology

Eskimo's Shark Z71 Quantum ice auger

Strikemaster ice augers

Battery powered ice fishing augers

Hand Ice Augers the most popular ice fishing augers, have been around since 1946 when Strikemaster first introduced the Mora line. Product descriptions of 3 of today's more popular models are shown on this page.

Ice Auger Accessories - Blade covers, extensions, auger carriers and covers, sharpeners and replacement blade kits.

Popular Ice Fishing Central pages...

Gearing Up via carefully selected affilate suppliers.

Ice Fishing Central's Blog keeps you up to date on new revised pages at Ice Fishing Central. Subscribe here, it's free.

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Ice fishing Photos can be viewed and submitted here.

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