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ICE FISHING... Why Such Popularity Explosive Growth?

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First off, Welcome to Ice Fishing Central. I'm glad you're here! If you like the site, bookmark us and visit us frequently.

Courtesy of Doug Stamm/

Some of the BEST FISHING of the Entire Year is through the ICE, and that's a FACT!

Not a new fact, but one that many fishermen are simply unaware of.

However, recent technological advances in Fishing Electronics, better and more practical portable ice Shelters, faster drilling and more eco-friendly Ice Augers as well as warmer, moisture wicking, breathable Clothing options all have played a significant role in raising fishermen's awareness of just how good it can be!

The Great Fishing opportunities awaiting ice fishermen can be enjoyed today, in a comfortable environment, with much higher Catch Rates. The best of both worlds!

Avid ice anglers are well aware of the fishing opportunities that come to those who brave the elements. Of course you have to be properly equipped with modern day portable shelters, power augers, sonar fish finders, etc., so that you can take FULL ADVANTAGE! A great day on the ice is a remarkable experience, and a winter full of great days can last a lifetime!

Ice Guides, feel free to link to any page, submit your photos with your link in the description. Or use our Contact Us page if you want to exchange links, and we'll get'er done.

"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a gentleness of spirit and a pure serenity of mind."

Washington Irving

There are REAL reasons for the popularity growth of hard water fishing. A renewed focus on family togetherness, dramatic technological advances, improved portable shelters, advanced cold weather apparel, more advanced tackle, new exciting lures and baits, etc.

The tools available today give ice anglers tremendous advantages, leading to awesome fish catching days. YOU can become a fish catching machine with the right equipment, and the right information. Catching fish is what it is all about, right?

Actually, enjoying life and God's creation while spending quality time with family and friends is TRULY what it's all about, but catching more fish always makes it even more enjoyable!

Information sharing is what is all about. Real information, from real people, for real fishermen.

Thank you for reading, and good luck ice fishing!

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